Dorchester County Emergency Management Center

The Dorchester Emergency Management Department has three primary functions:
Emergency Preparedness Division – responsible for mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from natural or man-made hazards and managing the county Emergency Operations Center during activations.

Communications Support Division – responsible for overseeing the procurement, maintenance, systems administration and technical support for the county’s communication assets.

E911 GIS Division
– maintains the county’s centerline data and maps, which is the basis for all county road maps as well as spatial analysis for operational planning.

The Dorchester Emergency Management Department occupies a 29,000 square foot building split between two floors. Live Oak Consultants designed the HVAC systems include underground hydronic piping, chillers and pumps. This building houses the sheriff’s office, 911 call center, electric company, operations Center, Recovery Team OPS, ITS offices, EMD/EOC offices, and various other departments.

Project Highlights

Cost: $6,700,000
Completion Date: 2012
Owner: Dorchester County
St. George, SC


Mechanical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering

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