LOC’s Director of Security, Jeff Brown CMAS, PSM, MSM is helping shape the future of the security industry.


“What a great opportunity to speak last week in Orland on the current state of the security industry, new/emerging technologies and threats, and some discussion on what Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in our industry is today.

I believe that there is a disconnect between what we mean when we say A.I. and what others hear when we say A.I…….. My challenge to the security community is to start having technical conversations about what A.I. really is today in our industry, further, I challenge us to ask “what do you mean by A.I.” the next time it is presented to us as part of a technology rather than just accepting (or ignoring) the A.I. statement.  Having these technical conversations will start to close the gap between what we say, what we hear, and what we actually mean.” – Jeff Brown CMAS, PSM, MSM, Director of Security



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